Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankful #3

Today I'm feeling thankful that my kids make me smile and laugh. Camden has snuggled with me all day today- my favorite thing ever. Makenna has covered me with blankets every time I sat down. And Tyler wanted to sit and practice a duet with me on the piano instead of playing on the computer. Tyler and Makenna are often fighting like crazy, so I soak it up when they are sweet and unknowingly funny.
I took this picture on the first day of school. One of my favorite things about Tyler and Makenna is the way they adore Camden. Camden was way loaded up with hugs and kisses on the first day of school.

We spend almost the whole summer in the backyard together. I love the water, so I love that my kids love it, too. The goggles alone make me giggle!

I've posted before about Makenna's knack of putting creatures to bed in every spot in the house. This one, right by the front door, gave me a good laugh when I walked past it.

Thank goodness for all the chuckles my kids give me. They keep me sane and happy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thankful #2

Today I am thankful to feel a million times better than yesterday! I am drugged up on Tylenol and Advil with no loopy side effects! Yay!

Monday, November 17, 2008

In the spirit of Thanksgiving

First, I'll tell you about the last few days for me- really yucky ones. And then I want to tell you what I'm so thankful for. If you want to skip my long story, you can skip the first paragraph and get right to the thankful part...  Still too much? Just skip to the last paragraph.

On Thursday, I finally went to my first O.B. appt., only to find out that our baby did not have a heartbeat. On Friday morning (the day I would have been 13 weeks), I had to be at the hospital at 5:30am for a D and C. On Saturday I was feeling pretty good. I did a few loads of laundry, some dishes, you know the basic stuff. Now I realize, that was all stuff I should not have done. Saturday night, I hardly slept. My body ached and on top of that, I was getting a horrible sore throat. So Sunday morning, I popped some Advil, and headed to church. Half way through church, I decided my bones were going to explode and I was way too weepy, so I left early. With my dress and jewelry still on, I curled up in my bed, and tried to sleep. By Sunday night, I was miserable and bailed on my stake meeting, even though I knew Julie was stressed about getting everything done for it. Sunday night was another sleepless night with aches and a really, insanely sore throat. So Monday morning, I sent Russ to fill my prescription- the one I was sure I wasn't going to need. So I took one percocet. I guess I don't take enough meds because this threw me into cloud land. I just wanted it to wear off because I'd rather be in pain, than feel like I was going to faint. It finally started to wear off around 6pm. Now I'm still trying to decide if I should take a half a percocet or take several Advil before I go to bed.

So right now, I am thankful for lots of people. My mom (who lucky for me, got home from Utah the night before) spent the night Thursday and got my kids off to school. Andrea watched my kids -twice, once was for the entire day. Gayla brought me dinner even though her family wasn't going to be home to eat it, and her house was crazy with scouts. Russ's co-workers sent me flowers and fruit because they like Russ, and Russ only tells them the good stuff about me. Kamesha happily took both of my carpool days, even though I already owed her. Carrie dropped off Taco Bell one afternoon and a Jamba one night even though she was sick, too. Renae dropped off some dinner on her way to Urgent care for her sinus infection. Belle dropped off warm soup because I told her I was too delirious to bring Tyler to piano. Shelly dropped off cute Thanksgiving cookies, because I told her we already had a meal coming. Amberly tried really hard to talk me into a dinner, and Angela tried to get me to accept a lunch. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow. I'm planning to take care of my own kids and make my own dinner! (or at least reheat leftovers by myself?)

I am so thankful for good friends. I am thankful for good people who look out for other people. I am thankful to have so many good people around me. I am thankful to have friends. I am seriously thankful for each one of you (unless you are a strange blog stocker that I've never met!) I feel like I have so many people around me that are always doing something nice for someone else. 

Thank you for being so nice! I am grateful!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lake Powell

Okay, so time for more backtracking to the summer. We left Camden with grammy and the rest of us headed to Lake Powell- our first time on  a houseboat. And we can't wait for a second time. The weather was perfect, the scenery was perfect, the water was glass, and we felt like we had the lake to ourselves.Makenna spent most of her time in the houseboat. She said she was afraid she was going to fall off. And she thought the speed boat went too fast. But she had fun anyway.

Our first toys- proving to be expensive toys...

Makenna and Tyler were thrilled when a snake slithered through their castle, and a lizard used the castle's swimming pool for a little drink.

My first time behind a boat in many, many years.

Russ's first time ever behind a boat. It didn't take too long for him to get up on the wakeboard. But he was too tired to try a ski by then.

Tyler's favorite part of the houseboat- the water slide. He also loved riding in the boat and tubing behind it.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween 2008

My kids were such a crack-up on Halloween. Makenna's wings were off before we ever went trick-or-treating, Tyler was dressed the same as 90% of the boys in our neighborhood, and Camden was the cutest blonde Diego possible. Camden said "trick or treat" at every house and acted like each piece of candy was the first one he got. Tyler was on a mission to get as much candy as humanly possible. At the end of the night, he was overflowing 2 gallon size ziplocs! I feel like candy's growing in my pantry!

Utah Trip #2

I never finished my Utah entry, and it's long overdue. So here are more reasons why our short trip to Utah was so worth it this year.

Good friends,

dinner up the canyon,

Pleasant Grove fireworks,

Camden waving to everyone at the Provo parade,

lighting our own fireworks in the front yard,

Tyler's finally not afraid of fireworks,

more good friends,

and more good friends!