Monday, September 29, 2008

Crack the Egg

My dad posted this picture on my brother's blog. This is an awesome picture for me (despite the OP shorts.) I grew up in southern CA, and at that time trampolines were no where to be found. So we bought this one during a trip to Utah. My parents made us all pitch in money to buy it, and then we squeezed all the parts around us in the family van. My brother's started setting it up as soon as we got back to CA.

Besides family dinner, the trampoline was probably the place we spent the most time together. Our favorite game was "crack the egg." My brothers loved it because I was so hard to crack. I loved it because they thought I was great. Often after scouts, my brothers would come find me, so they could show all their friends how high they could get me in the air without me cracking. What could have been better than being the center of attention for a bunch of older boys?

Our whole neighborhood and ward spent a lot of time on our trampoline. Sometimes people we didn't know would knock on our door and ask to try it. Besides getting the wind knocked out of me and some other's broken bones, I have so many fun memories on our trampoline. And I seem to be more grateful for fun memories than I use to be.