Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Too Much Fun!!

Last weekend was so much fun!  Did it have to end?

12 girls in a cabin in CA.  We scrapbooked, ate, talked, laughed, played games, made cupcakes, painted toes, stayed up late, ate some more, and laughed some more.  It was so fun.  It was so fun and soo easy.  I'm home now.  I stayed up late last night with a sick kid.  Today, that sick kid (who I thought was all better) threw up all over Chick-Fil-A.  I left my cell phone charger at the cabin- I was tempted to hop in the car today and go back for it!

My husband stayed home from work with the kids while I was gone.  You would think he struggled to keep up with the kids.  No-not my husband.  I came home to clean bedrooms, vacuumed carpets, a new garage door opener, a ceiling fan on my patio, and a misting system in my backyard.  I keep telling him he's showing me up!  In my defense, my feet seemed to stick to my kitchen floor every few feet, the playroom looked pretty well-used, and Camden no longer had a matching pair of shoes.  I have to make myself feel better somehow!

I didn't take enough pictures- I will have to get some of the cute pictures the other girls took.  Thanks for the great time ladies!!!

Present Day!!

Thursday was the best day- it was present day!  And it's not my birthday.

Rachel stopped by with a cake decorating package-all the great things that she had-that I wanted.  I'm so excited- I just might have to bake a cake every week just to practice with my new toys!

That evening (just as I was rummaging through the freezer for some fattening late-night treat), my door bell rang.  There was Bekki with ooey-gooey treats!  Yummy chocolate treats with lots of chocolate chips, and they were WARM!  (They made a great breakfast, too.)  I know that Bekki treated me so great purely out of a kind giving heart.  She would never use bribery and this has nothing to do with her personal spot on my blog!

Thank you girls!!

Makenna-The Graduate

Makenna was so excited to graduate from preschool.  She even said her entire part into the microphone- that's big for her!  I'm so sad to lose Ms. Tiffany as her teacher, though.  She did so many fun projects that Makenna was so proud of.  I loved the kids marching in singing You Are My Sunshine.  It was so cute, I had to hold back my tears.  I brought a couple boys with me whose parents couldn't make it.  So when it came time for the kids to give their moms a flower they made, I got to be a receiving mom 3 times- it was great!  But I was especially proud and happy to be Makenna's mom.  I love you Sweets.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Makenna's Dance Performance

Makenna loves going to her dance class!  Her teacher is 12, teaches in her house, and Makenna thinks she is wonderful!!  Last week, they had a performance in her garage.  Makenna is normally very shy at events like this so I was so happy to see her do her entire perfomance- and with energy.  I was even more happy to see her proud of herself.  Good job Makenna!  Thanks, Mykee!
A friend, the teacher, and Makenna after the performance

Tyler's 7!

I can't believe Tyler is 7!  Time goes by sooo fast!!  For his birthday, he wanted a Lego Star Wars party.  Wasn't the easiest for me to plan, but the kids seemed to have fun regardless of my planning.  The highlight of the party (at least for the boys) was this Silly String fight.  It took them a few minutes to have it and FOREVER for me to clean it up!

Friday, May 2, 2008


I have rented a large cabin in CA over Memorial Day weekend.  It's in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead.  So far, I have 9 girls going for sure, but the cabin sleeps 12!  With air mattresses, we could fit a couple more.
The weather is great, you can sleep as much as you want, the basement is completely set up for scrapbooking, and there will be oodles of chick flicks and games.  If there are 12 people, the whole weekend is $150 per person and includes most of your food!  Call me if you are interested in leaving your kids at home for a GIRL GETAWAY!!