Thursday, April 2, 2009

a quieter day

The last couple weeks have been so crazy busy!! Today has been a light schedule, and I'm TIRED! Hence the blog catching up- an excuse to sit on my couch and still feel like I'm doing something! Here is some random stuff that deserves to be posted.

This is me on some glassy Powell waters last summer. Russ threw together one of his little videos of our trip. If you are not family or Jen H., you might be pretty bored, though. For the interested, click here.

The other day, Camden was mad that I told him he had to take a bath, so he buried his head in the closet. I couldn't get him to come out, so I just hopped in the shower. I could hear him crying the whole time, so I just stayed in my nice, hot shower. He finally stopped crying, and I got out to find him sound asleep. I covered his legs with a blanket, and he woke up like this 2 hours later (with carpet lint embedded in his face.)

Russ and I took a quick trip to LA with the Phoenix Suns. We had a great time- stayed at the Beverly Hills Wilshire on Rodeo Dr., had dinner with the Suns' owner and coach, ate well, and went to the Lakers game. Russ made a quick video of this event, too. He was trying to be discreet with his camera, so there's a lot of video of my backside- so sorry. But if you are interested, here's the link.

Can you tell we like our pool a lot? I couldn't get in this nice, toasty spa with the kids this time because I am 14 weeks pregnant!

Hanging in the suite at US Airways for High School Musical on Ice! Fun times!

Camden's hand-me-down from the next-door neighbors (who take great care of their toys!) Camden's put a LOT of miles on this already.


Jen said...

Cute pictures! And yes, I loved the Lake Powell video. When I show it to James he will want to plan a trip for this summer!

Kelley M. said...

Congratulations, Marlane & Co :)

Happy news - yippee!

Miss you,

lvs2dance said...

Holy cow! Congrats on your news! Wow baby #4!? When are you due? I love the way you announced it...I almost didn't catch it. LOL
Well congrats you guys! Here's hoping for a girl

Shel said...

I'll have you know that the boys in my home were OH SO JEALOUS when they saw the video of your trip with the Suns! We really enjoyed watching was fabulous! And you, missy, look gorgeous!! GORGEOUS! You are a little hottie! I was envious! :) Also...we LOVEd the April fools pranks! Hee-Heelarious! We need to be neighbors!